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About Easy and Delicious

Easy and Delicious was created by Fadia Kamila Louise, as a distribution for her hobbies of writing, eating and cooking. The basic idea of Easy and Delicious blog is not only a story about delicious food that is more a trend, but also delves deeper into how a tasty and healthy dish is made easily.

The author is always curious if there is good food with a unique spectrum of tastes, from which information is extracted from various sources, then we summarize it and we offer it to the Mother who is at home.

In fact, some articles discuss foreign recipes that are very popular here. Such as Korean food, Japanese cuisine and also a number of selected Nusantara recipes that turned out to be also popular in foreign countries such as Sauteed Water Spinach, Shrimp Salad and others.

Greetings from us,

Kamila Louise

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